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Cyber Monday: 25% Off Any Items in Stock!

Cyber Monday comes but once a year!  So, Nice to Sew You! is getting into the frenzy by offering you 25% off any purchase today, November 28, 2016, including limited edition chef’s aprons and deco towels, and one-of-a-kind reversible tote bags.   Just enter discount code: JA91L8G9LKBX to enjoy the Cyber Monday deal!

25% off on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2016!

Remember, there is just a $5 flat shipping fee, regardless of how many items you purchase!


So Nice!

So nice to see you here! Out and about, earlier this year, I stopped to “browse” at Fabric World, a local fabric store with an unimaginable selection of amazing materials in limited supply. In January, I had purchased upholstery fabric there to redo two armchairs, and I loved their selection and quality. I was only… Continue Reading

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